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What is the future for letting agents in Leicester

What is the future for letting agents in Leicester?

Traditionally for the last 5 decades at least up until the 2005, letting agents focused on the high street retail to attract landlords. The theory was, by having the biggest store in the prime location landed you the biggest letting landlords who provided more work. Sourcing deals and properties at below value marketing opportunities have been a core bait to attract landlords to work with them; however because they have been sought after the property letting market has been highly competitive.

Letting agents in Leicester have had the traditional perception of looking highly sharp, expensive suits and high colour white shirts however since the evolution of the internet we have seen a shift and diversification of letting agent branding as well as style. The pocket handkerchiefs have been left back at home; however, the language remains similar to talks of doing big-ticket property deals. Our goal is to unveil the illusion, and simply do good business through networks and community. Most property letting agents are massively territorial and focus on how many properties they are controlling and concentration within an area
Purple bricks have been a massive disruptor to the market, taking big chunks of the sales property market. They have to lead the way for more letting agents to be encouraged to go online where overheads are lower. are looking to work closely with local letting agents in the market properties direct source to landlords and property investors through our in house skills of Google SEO and accessing the market with google knowledge. We aim to make good match makes between owners and Leicester Letting agents. However, digital marketing services will be provided to allow properties shine and stand out where tenants can be secured through fewer viewings because the correct match makes are made.

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