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The personality of estate agent agents

Our experience in the property over the last 8 years gives us interesting insights to how the personality and psychology of landlords is changing. The traditional model for property investors was marketing to tenants who lived in the local area and considering a change due to their circumstances or wanted a fresh begining.

Income and being able to pay expenses as quickly as possible has remained true from over the decade where cash is king from property to businesses it’s important to that short-term survival is kept above float where is poor cash flow management as known to drown good businesses and are now out of the market.
The psychology of business leaders is very important to the survival of the organisation as well as property investment assets where are the the financial crisis was caused by individuals being high geared with debt it is important to remain stable the market has as provided new vehicles of purchasing such as product loans and subscriptions to deal with an unexpected cost.

The market has also given rise to new business models through digital platforms such as Airbnb property landlords now have additional options where they can let out their property to the corporate serviced accommodation industry charging per night rather than per month.
If you have the wrong strategy it could wipe you out of the market regardless of how good your business plan is with your property assets. Long-term rental letters are evil to keep their property simple modern and going as far as painting the walls magnolia however, this would be a disaster on the Airbnb market as night Lee tenants are looking for a personalized home ma that can make their fuel comfortable after all they will not be making any refurbishments or upgrade to the property.

We will be talking about the importance of location

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