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Sustainable property letting

Sustainability is a big conversation from plastics, fashion and including property. Houses are developed with design in mind; however, ensuring they are build that consumes less energy and better of the environment to reduce pollution amount. For example, Leicester property builders  have a focus on designing property builds that is efficient for the community.

 Older and larger homes are known to be less efficient because the windows are of low quality to the insulation of the home despite support from government schemes to make improvements.

From our property letting contacts around Leicester, families prefer to be in communities and areas that are attractive

This is because families want the best for their children within the living means. Families are happy to pay more on the rent as it would save them in the long run from energy costs.

Landlords are encouraged to provide housing with better designs that are attractive but also considering items such as boilers and washing machines that are known to affect the monthly living costs considerably. These items will cost more, however, will last longer and cost less in ongoing expenses. Of course, tenants pay the household costs; yet having quality items within the home is a selling point, and therefore landlords can charge more on their property rentals.

Culture is a big conversation point from families, businesses to even countries. Learning and branding can be encouraged through the aesthetics of an area. For this reason, we champion landlords to spend more on developing the interiors.
Our letting agency in Leicester focuses on working with landlords who have a passion for working for professional landlords because we can attract professional tenants who respect their home and almost 9 out of 10 will stay for more extended periods. This avoids empty periods losing income. Have you consider when landlords lose on empty periods only because the tenant wasn’t happy, the money lost could have initially been used on the property, allowing higher tenancy rates and more satisfied tenants.

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