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Letting agents on the Leicester high street

In today’s time, there are more or online letting agents popping up than ever before whereas we believe there are more High Street estate agents closing down we appreciate that the retail industry is struggling as it is as more consumers are buying online with greater options

Traditionally estate agents would have been set up on the High Street to target lucrative buyers and the smaller letting agents would be on the side streets reflecting their available assets and properties available. Those with control of properties would tend to use a Leicester local agent in the vicinity of the property Times have changed because agents are not limited to a postcode and the focus is providing a quality service.

Let’s only focus on the rental market where homemakers are limited with time, as the economy is more competitive individuals are generally having to work longer hours for this reason the online market has helped individuals find more properties in the last the decade. Traditionally,High Street property shopping would take time going into the city centre, travelling and parking.

Online Letting Marketing

Online letting agents are required to provide professional photography and videography where possible to market the properties they have available to rent. Not only does this reduce the consumers, wastage of time but also show the time of an agent having to view the property with the potential tenants.

Social Media

Tenants are spending more time on social media. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook it is no surprise that businesses are investing money into these social media there are a number of property developers on these platforms where yeah it is no surprise that the property industry has as advocates from interior design to Renovations. Letting agents are there for having to find how their adverts can be personalized and touch the hearts of tenants that could be staying in their properties.

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