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3 Ways Builders Strain Their Posture

As a professional cleaning service, we get to clean quite often after builders have finished their work.

Therefore, we share a close relationship with the builders community. And, we thought we should post something helpful for them. Here it goes 🙂


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Due to the physical nature of the job, back pain is rife in the construction industry. 

As such, builders should minimise their risk of injury as they go about their work. This is why we have listed a few ways contractors can do precisely that, here in this article. Let’s dive in. 


If your work involves lots of kneeling and stooping, you run the risk of straining your lower back and knees. Here are two things you can do to minimise the damage:

  1. Use tools with an extension handle
  2. If possible, work at waist level. This is usually better for your posture than crouching down on the floor.

For instance, try storing materials on a table rather than on the ground, and ensure you can access them easily.  

Overhead work

Doing overhead work over a long time can put lots of pressure on your shoulders and neck. 

Again, you can limit the damage by using tools with an extension handle. 

In addition to that, try to take frequent breaks and if possible, change the process so you can undertake the task from a more accessible height. 


Lifting heaving loads is a key cause of back strain. 

So, try not to lift more than 51lbs at a time. 

To help with this, you could opt for a half bag instead of a full bag, or pour out your materials into smaller receptacles.

Also, when you pick up a load, do not reach more than ten inches away from your body. Ensure your back stays straight and that you do not twist.

Last but not least, if you are not doing so already, try and use handling aids where possible. For instance, cushioned grips, rolling carts, and powered carts.


This blog was made possible by our friends at The Spine Clinic

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